Metal & Steel

Metal & steel, whilst are phrases that are often used interchangeably, actually possess notable distinctions. Whilst steel visually resembles & feels like a metal, there are differences between the two.

The phrases are even used reciprocally in professional capacities, as steel is typically used to construct metal buildings & metal buildings, as they are referred, are often made of steel.


A chemical element of various ductile, opaque & lustrous substances. Common metals include copper, nickel & silver.


An iron alloy with a range of carbon content (between 0.5 & 1.5%). Therefore, steel is not a pure metal element but a variation upon one. In addition to iron it also possesses non-metal within its chemical make-up.

Impurities need be removed from iron ore before carbon is added – these include sulphur, silica & phosphorous. It is due to this process that steel is considerably sturdier than iron ore.

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