What Is…?

Sheet Steel

Billson’s sheet steel is a flat, thin metal that is constructed using specific industrial
processes. Sheet steel is one of the most popular types of metal used in day-to-day construction.

A number of the specialist processes used in the crafting of sheet metals are listed below.


An equation is used in bending sheet steel is;


This ensures that the metal is not pushed to its breaking point. K is an amount that takes into account a number of individualistic factors, including friction. T is the tensile strength of the steel, L & T its length & thickness. The W is the open-width variable.


A process involving cutting that punches numerous, tightly knit holes into a flat piece of steel.

Laser Cutting

While steel can be cut manually, the advances in technology have also allowed it to be trimmed using computer controlled lasers. The quality of the edge of the steel is very high, typically mirror smooth.


The steel is placed between a punch press & a die. The punch barely fits into the die – it pushes into it with the force to break the steel. This is a particularly efficient steel fabricating process.


This process is a composite of a number of others being utilised together, including embossing, bending, flanging & punching. Stomping allows complicated & simplistic shapes metals to be produced at a high turnover rate.

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