Steel – 10 Facts

Steel is one of the most popular materials in contemporary constructions. However, despite its commonplace usage, there is much information about the metal that isn’t known.

Below are 10 interesting facts about steel.

  • Steel components are 30% stronger than they were ten years ago
  • Steel goods can be continuously recycled without any loss of strength
  • 75% of major appliances are made of steel
  • Steel was utilised in the construction of skyscrapers from 1883
  • Doors made of steel are fireproofed
  • Half of the steel types used in modern vehicles did not exist a decade ago
  • 600 steel & tin cans are recycled in America every minute
  • Refrigerator steel hinges can support over 140 pounds of door
  • The Golden gate bridge was built from over 83,000 tonnes of steel
  • Over 1,500 food items are provided in steel cans
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